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Yudh Te Anil If Yoga means connecting yourself physically, mentally and spiritually and it starts, friends, when we connect our bodies to our selves Yoga station if I ask you a question If you are breathing then obviously your answer will be yes But I am not talking about getting this air inside or outside, I am talking about the reaction happening inside our body, when we breathe in, then the oxygen going inside us becomes in our body. that changes in energy and convert the glucose it is the same energy that energy we Prana speak that Prana is responsible as any living organ is own Patanjali era of energy energy in mind this beautiful idea of having them live on earth Keeping this today, I will tell you three Pranayama, whoever can start a break from a breaker comfortably, then let us start our work . Vascular purification pranayama It is simple as if you sit in the crosslay position, we also call it Sukhasana in yoga. You talk about hitting your feet like we do i