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Sony WF-XB700 Wireless Bluetooth

I once spent some time with these, the WF-1000XM3s, which area premium, truly wireless, active noise canceling,in-ear monitor from Sony. , it's about these.  The WF-XB700s , XB stands for extra bass. And they're a 100 dollars cheaper. What do you think about that? (sniffs) Let's see if the expensive ones suck a 100 dollars less than these. Come on baby. I feel like already, the packaging is more austere than this one, and here it is. Whoa, very lightweight, plastic AF. Not completely opaque, and here they are, these are bigger. These are definitely bigger than the XM3s. But they're not huge,holy these are isolating. My voice sounds weird, even. They're like earplugs, almost. These do not have active noise canceling, the isolation that you get when you put them in, is all you're getting but that might be enough.  The other thing is that these don't have any capacitive touch, they don't swipe, they don't have gestures,they're not capaciti