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Samsumg Galaxy M30s

Today we will be doing a full-review of the Samsung Galaxy M30s This phone comes with a 48MP camera along with a massive 6,000 mAh battery and a whole new processor. So let's see whether this upgraded version, that is the M30s is good or not and whether this phone is made for you or not So let's get started the first thing to talk about here is the design here you get a 6,000 mAh battery but despite that, the weight here is not that much the weight distribution is roughly 186 to 190 grams. It's possible that the plastic build here has led to a lower weight. Clearly Samsung has worked here with a gradient finish on the back panel But if you compare it with its competition, then it is definitely lacking a bit. For instance if you take the Realme XT, the Vivo U20, or the Mi A3, priced at Rs. 12,999 so the glass back there with the gradient design is something I appreciate much more Nonetheless, the M30s isn't that bad. You also get a physical fingerprint scanner he

Health benefit of cycling

Cycling is very beneficial for our health. Cycling makes our muscles toning, our heart is healthy by cycling,our blood circulation also improve by cycling . So let's know what are the healthy benefits of cycling. the human body requires physical activity for normal function. intense physical activity for a period of at least thirty minutes is very important for us and is very important to stay healthy for long time. In addition to the physical health benefits of  cycling there are social and mental health benefits. cycling is a recreational exercise. Diabetes controlled for the benefit of cycling. For  diabetes is at risk for various diseases like heart disease, stroke, skin disease, eye disease , kidney diseases  and other types of diseases. Diabetes can be controlled by physical activity such as cycling.It can be very beneficial in controlling   diabetes. Because cycling eliminates the glucose present in the cell, then absorbs the glucose present in the blood and convert