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Amazon Echo Alexa All Devices

Hello friends,welcome to Men's Special once again.Today we have brought Echo Alexa all devices. Here are full details what is amazon Alexa and how does it works. Amazon Alexa is known as simple Alexa, developed by Amazon. This is Amazon's virtual assistance,which is done on Amazon Echo product and smartphones. If spoken in easy language, it is a small robot,which works on our voice. Very few people know this in India, they only know about google Assistance, but since Alexa was launched in India, its users have also increased a lot. How does Amazon's Alexa works? 'Say'Alexa to activate Alexa device. As soon as we speak this word,it becomes active and starts trying to understand it.As soon as we have a question Amazon's Alexa cloud sends recording from the internet to a server based o where Alexa voice service(AVS) occurs. The job of AVS is to convert your voice signal to computer language. Also, this computer language in Voice language so that Alexa can