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Samsung Galaxy A80

Hello friends how are you today we will talk about Samsung Galaxy A80 . I was very excited to test this phone and I did and today i am going to share the results with you guys. So let's go.  . This is the brand new mid-range smart phone from Samsung, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 chip set, and it's got some pretty cool features. Let's just get straight to the unboxing. Right, so picture here of the A80, and let's get it outside of the box. This is the black version that I have here. It's also available in a few different color options, a gold, as well as as ilver-white sort of a color. You can see some of the key features on here, already. It's got the new infinity display, rotating camera, as well as super fast charging. Let's see what else we get inside the box. Right, so inside the box you do get a SIM card ejector tool. You get some paperwork, a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable. Now, traditionally you do get USB Type-A to USB Type-C, but we

Hitachi air condition

Hi friends how are you all so friends today we will talk about the Hitachi Residential Air Conditioner about the 2020 model of Hitachi about their top ten region why should they buy in Hitachi their top ten region is you forced to takeWill go friends   Reason To Buy Hitachi Air Condition In 2022 In It Comes To Region Hitachi's Painter Sensor Technology Penta Sensor Technology uses a micro controller and has five different sensors fitted with 3 sensors in the Hitachi conditioner's outdoor The other two are the two sims which work in Hitachi's indoor unit, which is a tension in Indoor and the sensor for exam in the summer is the time of summer. It is getting very hot, if there is too much heat, then no matter how hot it will be Will sens and let you complete a uniform calling inside your room. The remaining two are three worlds in extreme setting conditions. If you have a Hitachi air condition, its compressor is very hot, then it will work to protect you. Inside also,


Yudh Te Anil If Yoga means connecting yourself physically, mentally and spiritually and it starts, friends, when we connect our bodies to our selves Yoga station if I ask you a question If you are breathing then obviously your answer will be yes But I am not talking about getting this air inside or outside, I am talking about the reaction happening inside our body, when we breathe in, then the oxygen going inside us becomes in our body. that changes in energy and convert the glucose it is the same energy that energy we Prana speak that Prana is responsible as any living organ is own Patanjali era of energy energy in mind this beautiful idea of having them live on earth Keeping this today, I will tell you three Pranayama, whoever can start a break from a breaker comfortably, then let us start our work . Vascular purification pranayama It is simple as if you sit in the crosslay position, we also call it Sukhasana in yoga. You talk about hitting your feet like we do i

Made In India Mobile phone

  Top 5 best Indian brand mobile companies There was a time when international mobile companies have captured the Indian mobile markets such as nokia , panasonic, oppo, vivo, realme, LG and samsung but now the scenario is totally changed. Indian mobile giant s such as Micromax, Karbonn, Lava,and I-Ball are spreading their wings to the mobile market and getting very good response from the user's in terms of new  technologies, performance and price. newly added Intex technologies smartphones and new 4g supporter mobile phones in India for 4g jio sim. Micromax Mobile Micromax is a telecommunication and consumer electronics company located in Gurgao, haryana. It manufactures mobile telephones and tablets along with data card and LED television. micromax is one of the largest Indian domestic mobile handsets company also has office in hong kong  and Dubai. Intex Mobile Intex technologies is an Indian smartphone manufactures and also the consumer el

Nokia 5.1 plus

 Hey friends. Today I will be unboxing and the reviewing of Nokia 5.1 plus . I have just received this box from Amazon. So let's quickly open it. L et me unwrap the safety plastic first. On the box we can see the Nokia 5.1 plus and Android one branding Yes, this phone comes with Android one program So you can feel pure Android experience out of the box. It has typical Nokia packaging Let me slide this box I was eagerly waiting for this phone because after Nokia 5130 this is my first Nokia phone and Yes, it's been more than 10 years. The phone feels very light I am putting this phone aside and let me check another box contains We can see sim ejector tool also, we have a standard USB to type-c cable and Power brakes. Let me check the power rating on the charger. Oh This is not a fast charger, it's 5 volt 2 ampere. Also. I have to check do these phones support fast charging or not? I'm also surprised at this price point we can get USB type C and handsfree also. This i